Hande Signage Systems

Hande Signage Systems

This is one of the most qualified products of ours, which has its own sub-models. It gives you unlimited options in terms of dimensions and design. Main ingredient in this product is acrylic and metal facing accessories. This products’ design and its patent belongs to our firm. It can be used Wall mounted, hanged or sideway Wall mounted. Acrylic’s thickness can be changed on demand. Different writing styles and frames are also available for our customers.


Our signage systems includes;

  • Door signages
  • Information Boards
  • Hanged Boards
  • Footed wayfinding Boards




From left to the right (x): 15, 20, 25,30,35,40,50,60,75,80,90,100,120,150, …… (centimeters)

From up to the down (y): Between 9 centimeters and. 3 meters. Increased by 3 centimeters.

Hande Signage Systems Features

Hande signage systems has 4 main categories as a configuration.

  1. Pyramid (embossed) metal letter + metal covered spiked frames + plexiglass floor.
  2. Pyramid metal letter + metal covered spiked frame + plexiglass floor.
  3. Self embossed letter + metal covered frame + plexiglass floor
  4. Foil or dyed letter + metal covered spiked frame + plexiglass floor

Other than the standard models we can make applications on other configurations as well. For example, the frames can be attached using magnets as shown in the image.

  • The main ingredient for the door signage and the plates are acrylic and metal covered accessories.
  • The design and the world patent of the product belongs to out company. Design and the manufacturing of the product is done in our factory as well.
  • The products is available for footed, hanged and wall mounted montage styles.
  • Standard acrylic thickness is 6 millimeters, also the thickness can be adjusted according to our customers’ demand.
  • There are many different writing and framing styles.
  • All of our products are modular so that any adjustments such as change of the style, addition, subtraction and the place. Since all of our products are manufactured by molds any extension will not cause a problem.
  • Another important feature of our product is that with its secret lock system access of the unauthorized people is prevented.
  • The boards and the door signages can be manufactured with different embossment writing styles and different frame styles.
  • The frames are in different patterns just like they are in different shaped. Herring bone and straight models can be found.
  • Frames that are up to 30 centimeters are one piece, the ones that are more than 30 centimeters are modular designed pieces. With the help of those extensions infinitive numbers of size and designs can be found. Also the crowns can be found in different measurements.
  • Shiny products which consists of plexiglass coming together with chrome and gold color.
  • The images that arises because of its pyramid letter feature.
  • With its modular system it gives the chance of not being dependent on any mold so that it gives the designer a chance for making infinitive numbers of designs.
  • With its modular spiked letter systems in the boards and door signages without being  dependent on outside.
  • Opportunity to stick it to the ground with the hidden magnets in the frame. (Optional)
  • Ability to apply any thickness other than the standard works. (up to 20 millimeters)
  • Way-finding boards are montaged to the walls by using modular grippers on the montage rails.

Braille alphabet can be found in three different styles:

  • Self embossed
  • Dye embossed
  • Shiny floor embossed

hande teknik çizim

hande teknik çizim2

Kapı İsimliği Krom Şeffaf Siyah Folyo - Door Sign Chrome Transparent Black Folio

Door Name Tags

One of the most demanded product in the Hande series is the door signage. You can see the signages and the examples related on the images. You can use the door signages to see who is working and staying in the rooms and the rooms for the authority while you create a glamorous image. Door signages can be used in businesses, hospitals, hotels and other places like those.

Lightened Door Signage With Occupied/Vacant Module

There are lights that are used to point out the condition (vacant/occupied) nd the color of the signage on the remote control module. With its touch screen module on the remote controller, the lifespan of the product is very long lasting. The connection between the main module of the door signage and the remote control is wireless so that the communication distance is approximately 75 meters indoors.

The purpose of this product is to prevent other people coming in when the person in the room is busy. the brightness of the light helps the light and the signage to be seen by other in every environment to function correctly.

Information Boards

Hanged Boards

Standard 6 millimeters thick plexiglass is used. It is 2 x 6 millimeters in double sided models. Back to back montage of the products are done by aluminum montage rails.

Thickness of the material can be increased with the special designs.

In case of a transparent plexiglass usage impervious material used in between.

Their montage to the ceiling can be done by using steel wire, decorative pipes or fish line.


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